Culture, Values and Team

Our Story

We hired our first full-time Filipino worker in January 2006. The guy we hired didn’t know anything (we joke about it today… he still works for us) yet he changed our lives. He freed up our time to work on our business rather than in our business, because he would do anything we asked him to do.

As we talked about it with colleagues, we had no idea so many people would want our help finding them Filipino workers. Eventually, it became overwhelming.

That’s when we started

We really just wanted a better way to recruit Filipino workers for ourselves and our friends. We had no idea millions of people would end up using it. We had no idea how many thousands of jobs would be created because of

What We Do

We ease people’s burdens by connecting employers who need help with workers who need jobs. We work hard to put trust into the outsourcing experience for everyone.

Why We Do It

Because it changes people’s lives.

Because Filipino workers keep emailing us saying:
“Thank you for helping me get a job! I can now work from home and earn a good wage.”

Because entrepreneurs keep emailing us saying:
“I hired a Filipino worker and he’s fantastic. I can’t imagine life without him!”

Meet our Team

Dreamers, Developers, Designers, we’re a talented bunch

John Jynell Motilla


I’m John Jynell Motilla​. I live in Philippines and I founded My life is better because of my Filipino VAs.

I had a normal “job” for 8 months after college and my biggest goal at that time was to be able to quit that job. I managed to quit back in 2004 and worked from home for myself ever since then.

When I first hired someone from the Philippines in January of 2006, I knew I was onto something special. Since then I’ve learned that for most people, life is definitely better with Filipino workers on your team.

Yes, because of my Filipino workers I get to play a lot of golf, spend a lot of time with my wife and kids, and get out backpacking in the middle of the week. I work for about 17 hours a week because of the amazing work they do. However it’s not just better for us; it’s better for them too.

What’s really great about hiring Filipino workers is how it changed their lives as well. They get to work from home, earn a decent income, enjoy a generally higher standard of living, and raise their children by themselves which is a luxury most Filipino parents don’t get to do.​