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September 16, 1991

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“Your Vision, My Mission”

As an Amazon Seller Account Manager Virtual Assistant, I aim to empower Amazon sellers by taking the reins of their online business operations. I strive to alleviate their workload, allowing them to focus on strategic growth and innovation.

My primary objective is to skyrocket their sales and profitability. To achieve this, I meticulously optimize product listings to ensure maximum visibility and appeal. I dive deep into keyword research to uncover hidden opportunities and implement targeted advertising campaigns to reach the right customers. I am also vigilant about inventory management, ensuring products are always available to meet demand. Moreover, I prioritize excellent customer service to foster positive reviews and build a loyal customer base.

I am dedicated to maintaining the seller’s account perfectly with Amazon’s policies. I protect the seller’s business from potential setbacks by following the latest guidelines and proactively addressing concerns. I diligently monitor performance metrics and take prompt action to rectify any issues that may arise.

Ultimately, I aim to be the seller’s trusted partner in their journey toward sustainable growth and success on Amazon. Through my comprehensive support and expertise, I strive to empower them to achieve their entrepreneurial dreams and establish a thriving online presence.


Mobile:     (+63) 930 659 2907

WhatsApp:   (+63) 930 659 2907

Email:      eleonorvtisado916@gmail.com

Skype ID:   live:.cid.b7af18365667bae5

Facebook:   https://www.facebook.com/eleonorvtisado916/

LinkedIn:   https://www.linkedin.com/in/eleonorvargastisado/

Onlinejobsph:    https://www.onlinejobs.ph/jobseekers/info/2224787

Address:   Caloocan City | 1400 | Philippines



Mass Communication Technology 2014
La Verdad Christian College Caloocan

La Verdad Christian College (LVCC) is a private school in Caloocan, Philippines, known for its scholarship programs offering free tuition and no fees to deserving students. It offers various programs from pre-school to college, including technical courses. It is considered one of the best schools in the region and has expanded to other countries. LVCC emphasizes Christian values and moral principles in its quality education Mass Communication Technology provides a foundation in media and communication, covering areas like journalism, broadcasting, digital media, and public relations. Students gain theoretical knowledge and practical skills, preparing them for entry-level media jobs or further studies. The program often includes media writing, editing, communication law, visual communication, and media production courses. Graduates can pursue careers as journalists, editors, producers, videographers, and social media managers.

Work & Experience

Amazon Product Researcher / Store Manager VA May 2022 - May 2023
Ibeauty Limited Company | Remote, United States | Part-Time

At Ibeauty Limited Company on Amazon, my role as a VA was multifaceted and rewarding. I spearheaded product research, uncovering trending closet storage solutions in the home and kitchen categories, crafted compelling product listings, optimized shipping logistics, managed inventory levels, implemented dynamic pricing strategies, and ensured timely order fulfillment. I prioritized excellent customer service, building strong relationships, and fostering loyalty. Through constant monitoring of store health and performance metrics, I identified areas for improvement and implemented strategies for growth. This journey was a continuous learning experience where I gained valuable skills in all aspects of Amazon store management for 12 months, resulting in personal and company success.

Amazon Product Researcher / Store Manager VA March 2021 - March 2022
Merrylun | Remote, United States | Part-Time

March 2021 - March 2022 Merrylun | Remote, United States Amazon Product Researcher / Store Manager VA At Merrylun, I'm the one-stop shop for our under-sink organizers in Home And Dining Products on Amazon. I wear many hats as the Amazon Product Researcher and Store Manager VA. First, I'm the product scout, searching high and low for the best under-sink organizers our customers will love. Once I find those gems, I transform into a storyteller, crafting listings that make our products shine and convince people to click that "Buy Now" button. Behind the scenes, I'm also the logistics whiz, making sure our products get to Amazon's warehouses on time and that we always have enough stock. I closely monitor the competition, adjusting prices to ensure we're always offering the best value. But what I enjoy most is being Merrylun's friendly face. I answer customer questions, solve problems, and do everything possible to ensure everyone has a great experience. For 12 months, it's been incredibly rewarding to see our sales grow, and I'm constantly learning and developing new skills. I'm proud to be a part of Merrylun's success!

Amazon Product Researcher / Store Manager VA January 2020 - January 2021
The Better And Better | Remote, United States | Part-Time

As an Amazon Product Researcher and Store Manager VA for The Better and Better for 12 months, I have the opportunity to contribute to every step of the customer journey, from product discovery to after-sales support. Researching and selecting profitable shadow boxes in Home & Kitchen, creating appealing product listings, ensuring timely shipping and efficient inventory management, setting competitive prices, providing excellent customer service, and analyzing store performance to drive continuous improvement. I am rewarded with the satisfaction of discovering winning products, creating compelling listings, ensuring customer satisfaction, contributing to the store's success, and continuously learning and growing in e-commerce.

Amazon Product Researcher / Store Manager VA March 2019 - March 2020
Luna & Nature | Remote, United States | Part-Time

I successfully managed various aspects of the business at Luna & Nature, an Amazon store selling in Health & Household, specifically Bath & Shower Grab Bars. My responsibilities included researching top-selling products, creating compelling product listings, ensuring timely shipping, managing inventory, adjusting pricing, processing orders, providing excellent customer service, and monitoring the store's overall health. For 12 months, These efforts led to increased sales, positive customer feedback, and valuable skill development in e-commerce and product management.

Amazon Product Researcher / Store Manager VA January 2018 - January 2019
Houssia | Remote, United States | Part-Time

At Houssia, my role as Amazon Product Researcher and Store Manager VA was multifaceted and rewarding. I spearheaded product research, identifying high-demand reusable grocery bags and analyzing competitor strategies. I crafted compelling product listings, optimized shipping logistics, and implemented effective inventory management. My pricing strategies maximized profits while remaining competitive. I ensured prompt order fulfillment, provided excellent customer service, and monitored store health for continuous growth. For 12 months, My contributions were recognized through performance bonuses and increased responsibilities, validating my dedication to Houssia's success in selling at Kitchen & Dining Kitchen like Reusable Grocery Bags.

Expert Data Annotator May 2023 - May 2024
Mindrift AI | Remote, United States | Full-Time

As an Expert Data Annotator at Mindrift AI, I aim to provide the highest quality data for our AI models. I meticulously label and categorize various data types, review the work of others, and create instructions for complex projects. I also actively provide feedback to improve our tools and processes. Occasionally, I take on specialized training for specific projects or participate in pilot projects. Mindrift AI rewards my contributions with competitive compensation, a flexible remote work schedule, and ongoing learning opportunities. I find great satisfaction knowing that my work directly contributes to advancing cutting-edge AI technologies.

Data Annotator / Quality Assurance Specialist August 2020 - August 2022
SCALE AI | Remote, United States | Full-Time

I began my career at a leading scale AI company as a 3D LiDAR Data Annotator, meticulously labeling and categorizing raw data to train machine learning models. I consistently met deadlines for large volumes of data and actively contributed to knowledge-sharing initiatives. My proficiency led to a promotion to Data Quality Assurance (QA), where I designed and implemented comprehensive QA processes, ensuring the accuracy and consistency of 3D LiDAR annotations. Throughout my tenure, I received recognition for my accuracy, efficiency, and collaborative approach, as well as opportunities for professional development. My work directly contributed to advancing autonomous vehicle technology and the broader field of AI-powered perception systems.

Food Production Worker June 2019 - June 2020
Republic Biscuit Company | Local, Philippines | Full-Time

I work as a food production worker in the wrapping department at Republic Biscuit Corporation. My main job is ensuring our biscuits are packaged safely and correctly for our customers. I operate wrapping machines, inspect finished products, and pack biscuits into boxes or bags. I also label and seal packages and keep my work area clean. Sometimes, I help with other tasks like switching production lines, fixing small machine problems, and training new employees. In return for my hard work, I get a good salary, benefits, and the chance to earn bonuses. There are also opportunities for me to grow in the company. I enjoy my job because I know I'm helping to make a product that people love. I also like working with my team and building good relationships with them.

Sales Representative / Customer Service Representative / Collections Specialist April 2016 - April 2019
99th Floor LLC | Remote, United States | Full-Time

My journey at 99th Floor LLC was rewarding and filled with growth and diverse experiences. Initially, I joined as a Sales Representative, eager to make my mark. My days were spent prospecting new clients, crafting personalized financial solutions, and exceeding monthly targets. The thrill of closing a deal and the satisfaction of seeing my clients' investments grow were incredibly motivating. I was rewarded handsomely through commissions and bonuses and even had the chance to attend professional development workshops. After proving my ability to build and maintain client relationships, I transitioned into a Customer Service Representative role. My focus shifted to resolving client inquiries, ensuring their satisfaction, and occasionally identifying opportunities to introduce them to additional financial products. It was gratifying to be the go-to person for clients, helping them navigate their financial journeys. My recognition for outstanding customer service, through positive reviews and internal awards, was a testament to my dedication. Ultimately, I found my calling as a Collections Specialist. This role challenged me to find creative solutions for delinquent accounts, negotiate payment plans, and mitigate financial losses for the company. The analytical skills I honed, and the strategies I developed were instrumental in my success. I was proud to exceed collection targets consistently, and the commission structure incentivized me to perform at my best. Looking back, I'm grateful for my diverse experiences and growth opportunities at 99th Floor LLC. Each role taught me valuable skills and contributed to my professional development. The combination of base salary, commissions, bonuses, and recognition kept me motivated throughout my time there

KAMANGGAGAWA FOUNDATION INC. | Local, Philippines July 2008 - June 2012
Caregiver / Office Administrative Assistant

My journey at Kamanggagawa Foundation Inc. has been one of growth and fulfillment. I began my career there as a caregiver at their Home for the Aged and Persons with Disability. I assisted residents with their care needs daily, ensuring they were comfortable and well-cared for. I also found joy in providing emotional support and companionship, engaging them in conversations and activities that brought smiles to their faces. The gratitude they expressed and the bonds I formed were truly rewarding. After some time, I transitioned to Office Administrative Assistant at the Transient Home. This shift allowed me to contribute to the organization differently, utilizing my organizational and communication skills. I handled reception duties, managed resident records, drafted correspondence, and ensured the smooth running of the office. I found satisfaction in knowing that my work behind the scenes supported the care provided to the residents. Throughout my time at Kamanggagawa Foundation Inc., I received ongoing professional development opportunities, allowing me to enhance my caregiving and administrative work skills. The supportive work environment fostered a sense of camaraderie and collaboration, and I felt valued and appreciated for my contributions. The work itself was deeply meaningful, knowing that I was making a difference in the lives of vulnerable individuals. I am grateful for the experiences and rewards I gained at Kamanggagawa Foundation Inc. It was a privilege to be part of such a compassionate and dedicated team, working together to provide care and support to those who needed it most.


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