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May 1, 1995

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Hi, my name is Emilyn, but you can call me Ems. I am an IT graduate, class of 2016. Working from 2016 up to date, I have gained extensive experience working with different clients and companies both office based and remote-based, which has allowed me to develop professional skills and values which are all written on my CV. I pride myself on being adaptable and am always eager to learn new skills that will benefit both the company and my personal growth.

I’m passionate about continuous learning and self-improvement. I always watch different courses on different platforms like YT and Udemy. I tried running ads with my own money for my clients’ organization (just to challenge myself if I can do it correctly) It gave good results, and for transparency, I was able to reach 25k people for a trial of 1-week ads. However, my client didn’t have a budget for ads, so I focused on manual engagement to grow organic followers instead.

Another important aspect of my life is staying active. I have a keen interest in travel and experiencing different cultures here in the Ph. Traveling has helped my perspective, improved my adaptability, and enhanced my ability to connect with people from different backgrounds. These experiences have shaped me into a more open-minded individual, which I believe is crucial for a collaborative work environment.

I don’t have parents anymore, I also don’t have siblings, so from the very beginning, I’ve had to support myself. This experience has made me resilient and independent. It has taught me the importance of hard work, determination, and self-reliance.



Bachelor of Science in Information Technology 2012-2016
Cavite State University

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