General Virtual Assistant / Amazon Store Manager / Amazon Retail Online Arbitrage / Amazon Product Researcher
$5 / week
April 11, 1998

About Candidate

Your BEST CANDIDATE has landed! I am a Top Performing Virtual Assistant with years of experience in Customer Service Management and as a Data Entry Specialist. My outstanding organizational and communication abilities enable me to give my clients with accurate administrative support and customer service.

I have an extensive experience in Web Research, Extracting Email, Google, MS Office (Excel and Word), Google Docs, Google Spreadsheet, LinkedIn Marketing, Lead Generation, PDF to Excel and Word, Customer Support, Email/Chat Support and Product Research.

More so, I am a Skilled and Experienced Amazon Store Manager and an Amazon Product Researcher. I can assist you in locating winning offers that will drive sales, enhance your profit, and increase your return on investment. I am capable of supplier sourcing and product listing. I can help you find your winning product by using different amazon tools and by researching for product ideas via different platforms. This is a very time-consuming task and I have the proper expertise to finish the job.

I am confident that my background and expertise will be an asset to your organization and that I will be able to make a substantial contribution to its success.

I eagerly anticipate contributing my administrative skills and research expertise to your organization. I am happy to assist you in achieving your goals and expanding your business by offering quality and efficient service to all of our clients.



University of Manila 2014-2019
Bachelor of Science in Accountancy

This university is located in Ermita, Manila, Philippines, and is supported by the state. It is recognized as the national center of excellence in the health sciences, including education, training, and research for health professionals. The BSA program prepares students for careers in accounting and related fields, as well as the challenges they will face as accountants, researchers, and responsible citizens. It seeks to cultivate qualities that enhance the student's professional and research competence, awareness of his/her societal responsibilities, and appreciation for the high standard of integrity and objectivity required of accountants.

Work & Experience

CLIENT BASED via ADVANCE VA General Virtual Assistant July 2019 - February 2020
Advanced Virtual Assistants

I was tasked to be a personal virtual assistant of a client wherein I respond on her behalf to emails and phone calls. I was able to improve my oral and written communication skills, which are important because emails, reports, presentations, and phone conversations are all important ways for businesses to communicate with clients, customers, and employees. I handled administrative projects assigned to me and deliver high- quality work under minimum supervision. I became more dependable whenever I was given a task. My client and I developed a trusting and productive working connection. I prepared spreadsheets for my client and kept online records. I also organized the calendars of management, conducted market research and developed presentations as instructed. Because I always give my best performance whenever I work, the client has been generous enough to reward me monetarily for my efforts.

Store Manager/Product Researcher July 2022 - March 2023
AMAZON U.S- Client Based

As an Amazon Store Manager, I established retail strategies to increase the number of customers, increase store traffic, and maximize profits. I am accountable for achieving sales objectives through training, encouraging, mentoring, and providing feedback to store employees. I guarantee maximum customer satisfaction through superior service. As a Product Researcher, I help my client in analyzing current market trends, whether manually or through an automated system, in order to select "PROFITABLE WINNING PRODUCTS" with high demand, something that can be purchased at a low cost and sold at a competitive price to generate high sales with a good profit margin and low competition. I am familiar with a variety of tools, including Jungle Scout, RevSeller, Tactical Arbitrage, Keepa, Trello, Asana, and Spreadsheet. One of my areas of expertise is conducting research on the keywords that the major rivals in a field use to increase their own rankings in the results of search engines.

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