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August 20, 1989

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Master in Business Administration with Specialization in Human Resource Management 2018
Father Saturnino Urios University

An MBA with a specialization in HRM prepares for leadership roles in HRM departments or HRM consulting firms by providing them with the knowledge and skills needed to effectively manage human capital within organizations. Strategic Human Resource Management: Focuses on aligning HRM strategies with organizational goals and objectives. Talent Acquisition and Retention: Covers strategies for recruiting, selecting, and retaining top talent. Compensation and Benefits: Explores methods for designing and implementing competitive compensation and benefits packages. Training and Development: Examines strategies for training and developing employees to enhance their skills and performance. Organizational Behavior: Studies individual and group behavior within organizations and its impact on performance. Employment Law and Ethics: Discusses laws and ethical issues related to employment, such as discrimination, harassment, and employee rights. Performance Management: Covers methods for evaluating and improving employee performance. HR Information Systems: Explores the use of technology for managing HR functions, such as payroll, benefits administration, and performance evaluation. Leadership and Change Management: Examines theories and practices of leadership and how to manage organizational change effectively. Diversity and Inclusion: Focuses on creating inclusive workplaces that value diversity and promote equal opportunities for all employees. HR Analytics: Introduces the use of data analytics to inform HR decision-making and improve organizational performance.

Bachelor of Arts in Political Science 2010
Father Saturnino Urios University

A Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Political Science focuses on the study of political systems, political behavior, government institutions, and public policies. Students in this program typically learn about the theory and practice of politics, international relations, comparative politics, political philosophy, and public administration. Provides an overview of the field of political science, including its subfields and methodologies. Examines different political systems around the world and compares their institutions, processes, and outcomes. Focuses on the interactions between states, international organizations, and non-state actors in the global system. Public Policy Analysis: Analyzes the process of policy-making and the impact of policies on society. Political Economy: Examines the relationship between politics and economics, including issues related to globalization, trade, and economic development. Overall, a BA in Political Science provides a broad understanding of political systems and processes, as well as critical thinking, analytical, and research skills that can be valuable in a variety of careers in government, public service, law, journalism, and international organizations.

Work & Experience

Department of Education

Recruitment and Selection Source applicants through job boards, social media, and professional networks. Review and screen resumes to identify potential candidates/applicants Conduct interviews and assess candidates' skills, education, eligibility, experience, and cultural fit. Validate credentials for personnel promotion and deployment at the assigned school. Issued appointment orders to qualified personnel. Personnel Records Maintain a database of school personnel's personal information. Act as Agency Authorized Officer (AAO) for GSIS loans and remittance advice. Monitor and record school personnel attendance/absence, reporting related issues to the school head. Processes and facilitates approval of school personnel leave applications. Update and communicate school personnel's vacation and leave credits regularly. Maintain the confidentiality of school personnel's personal information. Coordinate with relevant agencies on personnel policy implementation. Compensation and Benefits Compute and submit applicable personnel benefits to SDO for processing and release. Monitor and prepare step increment notices for school personnel, and submit to HRMO for verification. Process retirement/separation benefits for school personnel, and endorse them to SDO through the school head. Other HR-Related Functions Develop and present innovative HR practice strategies to the school head/HRMO. Assist the school head in implementing performance management, rewards, recognition, and learning development policies. Prepare and submit HR reports to the school head/HRMO. Coordinate regularly with HRMO on HR policy implementation. Facilitate submission and approval of permits and requests for school personnel. Property Custodianship Facilitate the procurement of school supplies and equipment as directed. Ensure proper storage, maintain inventory, issue items to personnel, and report on property accountability. General Administrative Support Assist in the preparation of School Form 7 or the loading of teachers and the school planning team in the preparation of SIP/AIP. Provide general administrative support to school head and teachers, like reproduction of learning materials, encoding of reports, preparation of documents, etc. Perform other functions.

ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT III November 10, 2014 - February 28, 2022
Philippine National Police

Manage Database System (CIRAS, CIDMS, E-Projects) Manage all emails, records, files, correspondence, communications, phone calls, Skype/Zoom meetings, and reports. Updates the organization's website and posts content on social media accounts for information dissemination. Perform legal research, statement writing, update filed cases, and maintain office policies and procedures. Prepare and create presentations (Powerpoint, Spreadsheets, Online GIS) Gather and organize data for statistical analysis, assessment, and interventions

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