Australian Auto / US Home insurance specialist ( Claims Manager)

About Candidate

As an insurance specialist/representative at a Texas-based roofing contractor company, I routinely submit claims directly to the public adjuster for sure approval of the claim. Part of my job is working with the public adjuster to ensure that the standard process, appraisal, and umpire are all properly coordinated, and I made it a priority to keep clients well-informed about the progress of their claims, fostering trust and satisfaction.

This experience improved my ability to manage claims efficiently while focusing on customer satisfaction via email, inbound/outbound conversations, and text messages. I am competent at navigating complex insurance systems and communicating effectively to ensure that the process runs smoothly and transparently for all parties involved.

Thank you for considering my application. I am excited about the possibility of joining and eager to discuss how my qualifications match the needs of your company.


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