Virtual Assistant
June 23, 1996

About Candidate

I offer a wide range of experience and skill set to the table, ranging from project coordination to social media management to administrative support. Without having to pay for the overhead of employing several experts, you may take use of my skills and experience. Whether you need help on a full-time, part-time, or as-needed basis, I can adjust to your needs and help whenever and wherever you need it, giving you the freedom to grow as your company changes.



Bachelor of Science in Entrepreneurship 2018
Quezon City University

The BS Entrepreneurship program is primarily designed to provide training to would-be entrepreneurs in the nuances of starting and operating a business as well as building one’s character. The program commits itself to the education and formation of students who will be competent, committed, and compassionate entrepreneurs imbued with ethical, pro-social, and altruistic qualities of empathy, social responsibility, and justice.

Civil Service Commission

The civil service examination is important for upholding the integrity of civil service positions. The exam evaluates how fit you are for public service and tests your knowledge about the code of conduct and ethical standards for public officials and employees, environment management and protection, peace and human rights issues and concepts, and the Philippine Constitution.

Work & Experience

Brand Ambassador/Brand Affiliate January 2023 - January 20234
Kittly LLC

I served as the face and voice of the company, embodying its values, personality, and messaging while engaging with consumers, clients, and the general public. Your primary responsibility is to promote and advocate for the brand's products, services, or mission in a positive and authentic manner to enhance brand awareness, loyalty, and affinity.

Brand Affiliate Marketer & Ambassador June 2022 - February 2024

I am responsible for managing and promoting a company's brand image and identity. My primary focus is on creating and implementing strategies to enhance brand visibility, awareness, and reputation.

Data Entry/Content Moderator August 2018 - May 2021
Accenture Inc

I provided exceptional support to users of Google Play account, ensuring prompt assistance and issue resolution while maintaining Accenture's high standards.

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