April 9, 1990

About Candidate

Seeking a challenging position as a General VA, Executive VA, or E-Commerce VA specializing
in logistics and Amazon operations to leverage my solid background in virtual assistance and
data entry. With nearly 2 years of experience as an Invoicing/Data Entry Specialist and
additional experience in Customer Service Warranty Administration, Administrative
Assistance, and Logistic Assistant, I am keen on expanding my skill set and contributing
effectively to a dynamic work environment.
My mission is to provide top-notch virtual assistance services tailored to meet the unique
needs of clients in diverse industries. By utilizing my expertise in data entry, logistics, and
Amazon operations, I aim to enhance operational efficiency, streamline processes, and deliver
exceptional results. I am committed to maintaining a high level of professionalism, attention
to detail, and proactive communication to ensure the success of every project I undertake.
My goal is to continuously refine my skills as a Virtual Assistant and grow professionally within
the field of E-Commerce and Executive Assistance. I aspire to become a trusted partner for
businesses seeking reliable support in logistics management, Amazon operations, and general
administrative tasks. By staying updated on industry trends and embracing new challenges, I
aim to make a significant impact by providing valuable assistance that drives success and
fosters long-term relationships with clients and stakeholders.



Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering May 2013

Computer Engineering is a degree program focusing on the intersection of computer science and electrical engineering. It gives students a comprehensive understanding of computing systems' hardware and software aspects.

Networking and Telecommunications Technology May 2009

Networking & Telecommunications Technology is a 2 year degree program focuses on the application of technology solutions to business problems in telecom service sector and it requires additional domain knowledge in communication and networks, along with a strong mathematical background.

Work & Experience

Virtual Assistant- Invoicing/Data Entry Specialist November 2021 - January 2024

Accurately input and update invoicing information into the company's database or financial system. Ensure precision in numerical data, including amounts, quantities, products and other relevant details. Verify the accuracy of invoices by cross-referencing with purchase orders, contracts, or other supporting documentation. Maintain organized and up-to-date records of all invoicing transactions. Archive and retrieve records as needed for audits or reference. Collaborate with other departments, such as finance, to resolve discrepancies and address any invoicing-related queries. Communicate effectively with vendors or clients to ensure accurate billing information. Ensure adherence to company policies and regulatory requirements in all invoicing activities. Generate and provide regular reports on invoicing activities, outstanding payments, and other relevant metrics as required.

Customer Service Warranty Admin June 2021 - October 2021

Receive and review warranty claims submitted by customers. Verify the eligibility of claims based on established warranty policies and guidelines. Serve as the main point of contact for customers with warranty-related inquiries. Provide clear and detailed information regarding warranty coverage, claim status, and resolution timelines. Maintain accurate and organized records of warranty claims, customer interactions, and resolutions. Ensure all relevant documentation is complete and adheres to company policies. Investigate and analyze warranty claims to determine appropriate solutions. Collaborate with technical support or product development teams to resolve complex issues. Conduct quality checks on processed warranty claims to maintain accuracy and compliance. Monitor trends and patterns in warranty claims to address systemic issues.

Administrative Assistant January 2019 - February 2020

Manage office supplies, equipment, and facilities, ensuring availability and functionality. Screen and direct phone calls and emails, responding to inquiries or forwarding them to the appropriate person. Schedule and coordinate appointments, prepare materials for meetings, and travel arrangements. Perform data entry tasks accurately, maintaining and updating records as required. Assist in prioritizing tasks and managing deadlines. Handle routine administrative tasks to support team members. Prepare and format documents, presentations, and reports. Compile and distribute meeting minutes and follow-up actions. Identify and address administrative issues proactively. Collaborate with team members to find solutions to challenges.

Logistics Data Entry Specialist February 2018 - January 2019

Input and update logistics-related data into the company's database or information management system. Ensure precision in recording shipment details, inventory levels, and other logistical information. Validate information to prevent discrepancies and ensure compliance with regulations. Ensure data accuracy by cross-referencing with relevant sources such as shipping documents and purchase orders. Maintain organized and up-to-date records of shipments, inventory, and other logistics data. Generate and provide regular reports on logistics activities, inventory levels, and shipment statuses as required. Collaborate with logistics coordinators, warehouse staff, and other relevant departments to resolve data discrepancies and address logistical issues. Ensure that data entry tasks align with operational timelines and requirements.

Data Entry Clerk November 2017 - January 2018

Reviewed validation output and performed specified manual checks on data to evaluate consistency and completeness. Cross-reference and validate data with source documents to ensure accuracy. Completed daily data backup to secure records. Maintain organized and properly indexed databases. Conduct regular quality checks on entered data to identify and correct errors. Report and address discrepancies or inconsistencies promptly. Provided summary of weekly metrics to manager for inclusion in the management report. Prioritize tasks based on urgency and importance. Manage workload efficiently to meet established deadlines.

Logistics Assistant November 2014 - October 2017

Assist in processing and managing orders, ensuring accuracy and timely fulfillment. Coordinate with suppliers, vendors, and internal teams to confirm product availability and delivery schedules. Collaborate with logistics partners to schedule and monitor shipments. Track and update shipment status, providing regular updates to relevant stakeholders. Assist in maintaining accurate inventory records. Conduct regular stock checks and coordinate with warehouse personnel for restocking as needed. Prepare and maintain shipping and customs documentation. Communicate effectively with internal teams, suppliers, and transportation providers. Address and resolve logistical issues or delays promptly. Enter and update logistics-related data in the company's systems. Report and address any quality issues related to incoming or outgoing shipments. Ensure that all logistical activities align with operational timelines and requirements

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