General Virtual Assistant | Amazon Virtual Assistant | Administrative Assistant | Data Entry Specialist
$600 / week
June 11, 1992

About Candidate

Your Best Candidate has landed! I am an Experienced and High-Skilled Amazon Virtual Assistant. I am capable of performing Product Research, Supplier Sourcing, Product Listing, Inventory Research, and more. Keyword Research, Pay-per-click Management, Customer Care, and Inventory Management are all skills I possesses. I am constantly committed in producing high-quality results and ensuring that my clients
are satisfied with my acts and deeds. I guarantee that I meet and exceed my clients’ expectations and timelines.

More so, I am a Top Performing General Virtual Assistant with quality experience in Customer Service and as a Data Entry Specialist. I do ensure that projects are completed on time and with extreme
confidentiality. I strive in fast-paced, virtual environments, following established procedures and practices
to exceed all customer expectations.
My outstanding organizational and communication skills enable me to provide precise administrative
support and customer service to my clients. I am efficient, productive, self-motivated, resourceful, and organized. When working remotely, I am always eager to utilize my exceptional administrative and clerical expertise. I am confident that my background and expertise will be an asset to your organization and that I
will be able to make a substantial contribution to its success.

I am very excited to contribute my proven administrative and technical skills to your company. I am highly
motivated to assist you grow your business and achieve your goals by providing quality and efficient
service to all of our clients



Bachelor of Science in Information Technology 2009 - 2013
University of Cebu

-UC frequently produces students that score in the top tie r on board examinations in the fields of engineering, maritime studies, marine engineering, naval architecture, accounting, criminology, and customs administration. -Information Technology is the study of utilizing both hardware and software technologies to produce computing solutions that meet the diverse needs of consumers and organizations. BSIT graduates have superior technical, management, and interpersonal skills, making them well-suited for positions as system administrators, network engineers, information security practitioners, technology consultants, and enterprise system specialists.

Work & Experience

Customer Service Representative Febuary 2023 - January 2024

-I assist our guests using the hotel engine by facilitating the reconfirmation of their bookings with the front desk through phone calls. -Additionally, I provide updated information, accommodating changes such as early or late check-in requests. -I also ensure follow-up on our guests' hotel reservations, addressing any issues related to bookings, accounts, or payments and providing prompt resolutions for any technical concerns they may encounter. -As part of my responsibilities, I also assist our guests with their refund requests from the hotel. I communicate with the supervisor in charge, discussing details such as the number of days to be refunded, and diligently take notes to ensure a smooth and transparent resolution process

Survey Aide / Administrative Assistant March 2020 - Febuary 2023

-As a Survey Aide, one of my duties was to assist in the gathering of survey data. I was responsible for the assigned surveying operations, such as holding the prism pole for measurements, and I collaborated with the Engineers and Attorney's to carry out the survey job. I was also accountable for the execution of the survey. -I was assigned the responsibility of maintaining a professional appearance, reporting to work on time, and being willing to do jobs safely as ordered by those in authority. -During the site survey, I took careful notes on all of the measurements that were taken. I prepared the area to be surveyed, placed marks according to the surveyor's or chief surveyor's instructions, and cleaned up after the place once completed. -As an Administrative Aide, one of my primary responsibilities were to examine and assess a variety of administrative, operational, and programmatic issues. I was in control of data collection, organization, interpretation, and analysis. I relied on my own expertise to recognize and assess issues before developing and putting into action potential remedies. I was in charged of coordinating and monitoring the less difficult tasks.

Virtual Assistant Client-Based via LinkedIn June 2022 - January 2023
Amazon U.S

-I was in charged of managing the process of tracking product sales information. I kept an eye on it, made sure it was sent, and then followed up with each client. I set up the carrier for the packages and provided the customers with a tracking number for their packages. -I managed the process of tracking product sales information. I kept a close watch on it, made sure it was sent, and then followed up with every client. I set up the carrier for the packages and provided the customers with a tracking number for their packages. -One of my primary jobs consisted of completing various content writing and SEO tasks. I developed persuasive email marketing messages that attracted a significant number of customers. I crafted subject lines that drew the attention of customers, encouraging them to click, message, and engage with me, which resulted in an increase in the number of products sold. -Reviews, whether positive or negative, are critical in business. I responded to every assessment I receive. As a VA, it was my responsibility to help customers by providing honest and professional feedback on revie

Sales Representative July 2018 - April 2020

-This company offers unified telecommunications services. It offers both mobile and wired communication services. Globe Telecom provides conventional postpaid plans, mobile data plans, prepaid promotions, mobile internet, an online store, and broadband services. -In my role as a Sales Agent, I was responsible for making many outbound calls to prospective customers and explaining every aspect of Globe Broadband's product offerings to them. I was in charged of developing and keeping a list of possible clients, understanding the requirements of customers and offering solutions and support, as well as responding to their concerns and inquiries during follow- up calls. -My responsibilities included generating leads, meeting or exceeding sales targets, negotiating all contracts with new clients, assisting with the determination of price schedules for bids, promotions, and negotiations, and providing weekly and monthly reports. -I visited clients and prospective clients to assess their needs or market products and services, as well as maintain client records. I responded to client inquiries on credit terms, rates, and availability.

Virtual Assistant Client-Based via OLJ November 2021 - May 2022
Amazon U.S

-Research is an essential component of any successful enterprise. As an Amazon Virtual Assistant (VA), I assisted my client in conducting appropriate product research in order to provide crucial information. These include conducting research to identify products that can be purchased at wholesale prices, negotiating with suppliers, searching for the best deals, and obtaining samples of products that can then be sold on Amazon. -In addition to that, I was in charged of managing my client's social media accounts, providing customer service, conducting product research, and listing products online, among other remote commitments. -One of my duties included completing client orders, which can frequently consume a significant amount of the client's time. But with me as their Amazon Virtual Assistant, I took care of order entry, billing, and shipping on a continuous basis. -I managed to keep customers coming back by keeping the inventory up to date. As more orders arrived, the products change. There are also changes in the product's descriptive elements that I was responsible for updating on a regular basis.

I.T Technical Support April 2013 - June 2018

-My responsibilities as an Information Technology Technician included the following: the installation and configuration of hardware and software components to assure their usability; the debugging of hardware and software issues; and the verification that electrical safety standards were followed. -I was tasked with repairing or replacing faulty hardware, upgrading the entire system to enable suitable software on all computers, and installing and upgrading anti-virus software to assure user protection. -In addition to providing users with help and acting as the primary point of contact for error reporting, I tested and evaluated new software and hardware. I was assigned to handle technical documentation and performing daily backup operations. -I examined diagnostics and evaluated the functioning and effectiveness of system components. I implemented security procedures and oversaw the company's security certificates and compliance with regulations. -I provided technical help to business professionals and resolved computer issues, as well as estimated and reported the cost of replacing or upgrading computer equipment.

Virtual Assistant March 2021 - October 2021

-WoodBows is a virtual assistant company based in the US. They also have offices in the UK, and their assistants are based in the US, Philippines, and India. -I do secretarial work and provide day-to-day administrative support to my client, which includes answering phones, managing correspondence, arranging appointments, and making travel plans. -I utilized the tools such as Trello, Canva, WordPress, and Google Suite for project preparation. -I prepared spreadsheets for my client and kept online records. I also organized the calendars of management, conducted market research and developed presentations as instructed. -I was in charged of handling the small details to keep my client's business moving so that he can focus on his other large business goals. I was also tasked to manage expense reports, orders, and confidential financial information. -I maintained a consistent working relationship with the client, which, in the end, resulted in the development of an ongoing professional partnership.

General Virtual Assistant August 2020 - Febuary 2021

-I was tasked to be a personal virtual assistant of a client wherein I respond on her behalf to emails and phone calls. -I was able to improve my oral and written communication skills, which are important because emails, reports, presentations, and phone conversations are all important ways for businesses to communicate with clients, customers, and employees. -I handled administrative projects assigned to me and deliver high- quality work under minimum supervision. I became more dependable whenever I was given a task. My client and I developed a trusting and productive working connection. -I made consistent posts on social media accounts and carried out straightforward website changes, such as adding frequently asked questions to Word press websites, blogs, and other platforms. I made reservations and confirmed them for the required lodgings, logistics, and travel arrangements. -Because I always give my best performance whenever I work, the client has been generous enough to reward me monetarily for my efforts.

Virtual Assistant January 2020 - July 2020

-VA TALENT is an outsourcing business method of employing virtual assistants from outside a company to perform services or produce items that were historically undertaken by the company's own employees and personnel. -As a Personal VA, I ensure success. I have strong organizational skills and extensive expertise in a secretarial capacity. I am sensitive to my client's demands and work independently to give individualized administrative help. -I answered emails and phone calls, plan meetings, book trips and accommodations, and maintain a contact list. -The more responsibility I was given, the more reliable I became. My relationship with my client has grown to be both trustworthy and fruitful. -I was careful to keep up a productive working relationship with the customer, which, in the end, led to the formation of a continuing professional collaboration.

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